5 Tips for Hiring a Greater Tampa Bay Area Nanny When You’re Divorced

16th Mar 2017

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If you are divorced, you will need to take extra precautions when hiring a nanny in the Greater Tampa Bay Area.

Depending on the agreements and rules between you and your ex-spouse, you will have to set expectations and boundaries. As well, do you know if you are going to share the costs? As if that is not enough, you will have to consider whether or not your same nanny can afford to commute to both households (or if your nanny needs to).

Your child will be going through many changes through your family’s divorce, but having a Tampa Bay Nanny from in your child’s life can serve a consistent place for care and confidence.

1. Consider the Types of Childcare

Depending on your jobs, time, and ability to take care of your child — there are different types of child care available to you. All of them should be considered before making the final decision how your child will be taken care of.

Here are the types of childcare you can receive in the Greater Tampa Bay Area:

A. Full-time child care – In this case, you may need a live-in nanny who can possibly help with chores like cooking, shopping, and cleaning. If do not have any extra room, you can still hire a nanny full-time — just make sure they can commute every day.

B. Daycare – In some cases, it is tough for divorced couples to decide on a single childcare provider. Especially if you live far apart. Maybe it isn’t feasible to have one caretaker look after your children. In this case, daycare can be a great option for your kids to learn socialization skills and meet need friends.

C. On-site childcare – Some companies have on-site childcare facilities. Just like daycare, this is a great option with more convenience.

D. Part-time child care – Even if you are not looking for a full-time candidate, a nanny can serve as a consistent part of your child’s week.

2. Properly Research and Check References

Everyone understands this, but it is very important that it’s worth repeating: your child’s safety and needs should serve as a priority for your child care decisions. Your child should feel comfortable and be in the care of a competent professional.

Before you make a decision on hiring a nanny in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, list out all the best daycares in your area. As well, give the nanny-finding process some time. Finding the right person can be tough and one interview is never enough to truly find out if your nanny can do the job. Make sure to contact the references your nanny provides and to do a proper background check.

3. Communicate With All Parties

Be honest with the situation. Maybe one spouse makes more than the other. Maybe one spouse has the kids more. If you can be honest with these aspects, you can split the costs fairly between parents.

As well, your child has a busy life of their own. There can be doctor appointments, teeth cleanings, and even team sports or schooling events. It is recommended that you keep a master log or schedule to make sure you nanny is always up-to-date.

4. Set up Expectations

When a nanny is involved with helping around two households, expectations and responsibilities can get blurred. Your nanny must remain a neutral party. They are there for your kids.

No matter which homes your children are in, give them the same rules and expectation. Also, familiar objects like toys, books, and even toiletries can improve your child’s comfort level.

Lastly, when considering house chores for your nanny, make sure it is reasonable and focused on the child. Your nanny won’t be able to take care of your child properly if you start treating them like a maid and asking too much of them.

5. Be Flexible

During the first weeks and months, it will be a learning process for you, your ex-spouse, and your nanny.

We know that it is often preferable to get a routine locked in place, but remember that changes and unexpected problems are more likely to occur in a divorced relationship.

Because of this, we recommend that you stay open to changes and to ask your nanny for input on what is best for the children when it comes to their daily care.

Need to Hire a Nanny in the Greater Tampa Bay Area?

When you are divorced, finding the right child care experience can be a challenge. You have to balance the priority of your child’s needs with your nanny and your ex-spouse.

Having said that, it does not need to be a tough experience. With Tampa Bay Nannies, we will make sure that you are fully prepared for the transition.

Are you looking for a qualified nanny in the greater Tampa Bay Area? Someone you can trust to take care of your child? Just call us now at 813-264-5006.

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