What New Tampa Nannies Need To Know About Local Landmarks

12th Dec 2013

 New Tampa nannies need to understand the local landmarks to be able to find fun things to do with the kids they watch. If you are a child caretaker, it’s important to understand that this is the area just north of Tampa and is closer to Wesley Chapel and Land O’Lakes. It is situated near a variety of things to do, ensuring kids will never get bored when they come to your nanny service.New Tampa Florida

Fantasy of Flight is not a far jaunt from the town which is ideal for kids of all ages. Right down the road is also USF, where there are often events going on as well as parks to take the kids walking around. Throughout the neighborhoods, there are also smaller parks with playgrounds, which can be ideal for the younger ones. Take a drive and figure out where other nannies take the kids.

New Tampa Nannies Fantasy of Flight

As a New Tampa, FL nanny, you have to have an entire arsenal of things to do with the kids. You never know what age group you’re going to get next. When you’re running a popular agency, it’s also important to be able to take the kids to some different things periodically. If you rely on the same one or two places to go, they are going to become bored with coming to you.

Bruce B. Downs Blvd is the primary road that goes through New Tampa. As one of the au pairs, you want to drive down this road to see what fun things you can find. There are various places that you can take the kids to eat and you will find little things to do here and there – like taking them to get a cookie or cupcake at a bakery and even letting them decorate it. Be creative and you’ll never go wrong.

You aren’t expected to spend a lot of money out of pocket to keep the kids entertained. Depending upon how you have your service structured, you need to find out how much the parents want you to spend on entertainment daily. New Tampa nannies in general will do fine as long as they focus on the entire area to pull ideas from.

New Tampa Nanny USF Campus


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