5 Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Tampa Bay Area Nanny

9th Mar 2017

tampa bay area nanny

When you hire a Tampa Bay area nanny, you are doing it to save time.

You just do not have the time to give your child the proper care. That is completely understandable. We all have jobs and responsibilities. So when you hire a nanny, you need to make sure you do it correctly, otherwise, all those “time-saving” benefits you get from hiring a nanny are eaten up by unexpected problems.

So before hiring a Tampa Bay Area nanny, here are 6 mistakes you should avoid.

1. The Pay and Wage Agreements Aren’t Clear

Many Tampa Bay Area nannies consider the pay you give them to be “take home pay”. This means that they won’t file it under taxes (which puts you at risk). It needs to be clear how you are paying the nanny.

For example, are you deducting taxes automatically, or are you paying in full? Is your nanny staying overtime? If so, how will you ensure proper compensation for this? Before signing off on a nanny, make sure to discuss the payment terms so that everyone is in full agreement.

To figure out your nanny’s payroll, visit the quick-start guide here.

2. No Written Contract

A written contract will outline protocol, pay, benefits, policies, duties, employment relationship, expectations, and more. Without it, your are doomed to face disagreements with your nanny (a problem that can affect your child).

Instead, you need to lay out a written contract before hiring a Tampa Bay Area nanny. Also, this initial contract WILL NOT be sufficient. It will need to be revisited and revised in the future for problems and situations you did not expect.

Make sure you have an understanding with your nanny and have it in writing.

3. It’s Hard to Vet the Right Candidate

It all starts with the job description. We are all busy, but putting out a vague job description will not help you find the best nanny for the job. Not all applicants have the same skills or interests, so take some time to brainstorm what your nanny needs to do.

As well, this will help in developing expectations and responsibilities for your Tampa Nanny. To make it easier, you can consider breaking it up into four categories such as childcare, family, support, and housework.

Lastly, you need to understand that interviews are not a reliable standard when vetting a nanny. You also need to contact references and run their names through a proper background screening.

4. You Don’t Offer a Competitive Rate

Your nanny is trying to make a living. If you go searching for a bargain, you will become troubled by the high turnaround rate caused by the nanny leaving for a better position. A nanny is going to have a huge impact on your child’s education, progress, and safety.

Find out what the local Tampa Bay Area nanny rate is! When you find yourself the best nanny for the job, your nanny will stay with you and ensure the best care available.

5. Failure to Train and Set Expectations

Some parents expect their nanny to take on a full load of cleaning duties, especially if their child is taking a nap.

Here is something to consider:

Your nanny’s responsibilities should be solely focused on childcare. Of course, that means cleaning after your children, washing dishes, and other light chore duties that help with your child.

If you are going to give your nanny extra house chores — make sure you have valid reasons for adding this to their plate. As well, if the house chores are above and beyond child care responsibilities, make sure you pay in accordance with that extra value.

Need to Hire a Tampa Bay Area Nanny?

Hiring a nanny can be a tough decision. As well, managing their employment is never simple. There are always expectations, rules, and unexpected problems that surface.

But with a trusted Tampa nanny, especially from a trusted agency in Tampa, you are ensured to get the best quality care possible.

Are you looking for a qualified Tampa nanny? Do you want trained professionals who can make the process simple? Just call us now at 813-264-5006.

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