The Essential Do’s and Don’ts for Tampa Nannies

28th Sep 2016

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Looking around for Tampa nannies who can possibly take care of your child? If this is the case, then you must do this one thing: you must create a Do’s and Don’ts List. If you don’t, misunderstandings and poor child care may result. That is why we have created this article to help you prevent any of these problems in the future.

It may seem simple, but let’s say you make a list. Did you cover enough to give your nanny a comprehensive reference for your child’s most important needs? If you are anything like me, you might have left something out. That’s why we have compiled a list of important subjects to cover in your own Do’s and Don’ts list.

The Comprehensive Tampa Nannies Subject List

1. Food and Drink

What will your child eat and drink? Do you want your child strictly drinking water? Or are they allowed to have juice? Maybe you want your nanny to cook up something from your fridge. Maybe your child has a food allergy (this is important!). Whatever the case, this is an important subject to have strong guidelines for.

2. Naps

Does your child need a nap? Maybe if your child takes a nap too late, they will be up all night! If so, go over your mindset for nap time. As well, express its importance, and if you EVER provide exceptions.

3. Learning

Every minute counts! If you want to have a portion of child’s time engaged with learning and schooling materials, remind your nanny of this. As well, Show them what materials your child will be using. Let your nanny know how they can help chorale your child to take the leap into learning time.

4. Play time

Everyone needs to get outside, including children. Especially if you want them to knockout at 7-8 pm. Before your nanny takes your child out to play, make sure to Include a location, time, and general precautions and knowledge about the neighborhood.

5. Sleep time

What time is bed time? How can you get your children to sleep? Is it a challenge? Is it easy? When taking this into consideration, sleep time can be a very stressful time for both sitters and children. Especially for new sitters. Because of the new stimuli, your child may be extra excited or nervous having around a new nanny, causing them to stay awake past sleep hours. Give a decent description of your child’s sleep habits and let your nanny do the rest.

This is especially important because a child’s health, mood, and more are affected because your child cannot being able to stay in bed.

6. Discipline

What is bad and what is good? What does the nanny think about this? In the case of discipline, set boundaries and try to understand each other and your reasoning for discipline. If you do this, you will enjoy knowing that your child is under control and that your nanny can safely keep your child responsible with your personally “coached” procedures. As well, you will have confidence in your nanny’s experience as a child care giver.

Be sure to go over discipline tactics with your nanny.


These are all things an experienced nanny would know about and can help you communicate. As a nanny agency in Tampa, we help parents like you find the perfect nanny for your child. To do this, we hire from a trusted number of Tampa nannies that come highly-recommended. Find the nanny you need and give us a call at 813-264-5006.

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