Although our main focus is providing nanny service in the Tampa / Tampa Bay area, you’ll discover we offer a wide range of services to accommodate your particular household. Our services can provide anything from nannies to personal assistants to babysitters to mother’s helpers. Let Tampa Bay Nannies find you the help you need.

Our nannies are more than child care specialists, they must be positive role models who encourage children to become the best they can be. They use positive reinforcement, are patient, loving, warm, and a wonderful attribute to a household. Nannies are well versed in child development due to years of experience and often studies of the subject. Nannies have a natural affinity toward children. They can mentor first time parents on best practices, habit forming and breaking, and even some medical care and advice.

Full time, live-in, and part time nannies will always maintain a safe and healthy environment by allowing only authorizes persons near children, they remain vigilant of the unusual. Child care providers create a positive child care climate by preparing various activities, playing educational games, and nurturing self-esteem.

Depending of the children’s ages, nannies read to their little ones, use arts and crafts to stimulate and entertain. They closely interact and play with the children, take trips to the park, arrange play dates, and provide transportation to and from school.

Nannies are attentive to a baby’s needs and actions. They prepare bottles, give baths, change diapers, and keep the baby comfortable and loved at all times. Professional nannies keep a daily log and communicate with the parents about the child’s progress. A nanny is the best gift working parents can give their children.


Many young couples relocate to the greater Tampa Bay Area , and consequently have no family support during pregnancy and after childbirth. The expecting parents may need the help of a doula. A doula, also called birth companion, makes a mother feel safe and comfortable before baby’s arrival and after delivery. Pre- and postpartum doulas are usually nannies experienced with labor, delivery, newborn care, and new mom assistance.

Prepartum specialists form a relationship with the family weeks before childbirth. They help prepare the mother and father for the arrival of the new addition to their household. They provide physical and emotional support. Doulas massage sore backs and tired legs, implement healthy eating habits, provide company and soothing comfort. They calm fears and concerns. Doulas encourage the mother-to-be to take an active role in birth preparations and plans.

Postpartum specialists are an essential help and support for mother and the newborn baby. They perform light housekeeping duties, prepare nutritious meals and snacks and bath the baby. Doulas teach the new mother proper breastfeeding technics or preparation of bottles. They allow the mother to rest and recuperate, and give emotional support and a loving arm if postpartum depression overwhelms her. Doulas work variable shifts and may spend the night if needed

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