3 Tips Before Hiring a Tampa Nanny

21st Sep 2016

Find a Tampa nanny

Need to hire a Tampa nanny?

For any person with a professional career, this is a common challenge. You know you need a nanny, but you have no idea where to look. On top of this, your child will be spending a lot of time with your nanny, and you want someone who can provide for your child’s needs.

It is an important decision, but it does not need to be a scary one. In fact, there are many things you can do to ensure that your nanny is the perfect fit.

If you are in this situation, we have listed out three steps you can take to find a great Tampa nanny.

Identify Your Priorities For an Ideal Nanny

When hiring a new nanny, they are in the process of getting to know your child. You know your child best, and your nanny might not understand their needs clearly.

Maybe you want your child to be:

  1. Read to,
  2. Fed a certain diet,
  3. Given outside playtime, or…
  4. Disciplined when they break rules and restrictions that need to be upheld.

Make sure to list your priorities out and discuss your priorities with your future nanny.

Need a more in-depth source of information to understand what your nanny’s priorities should be? Here are priorities you may need to consider when hiring a nanny.

Prepare a List of Questions For Your Tampa Nanny

Your nanny will be responsible for feeding, playing, and emotionally interacting with your child. Sometimes they can be with your child everyday.

Consider asking some of these questions:

  • How do you comfort a crying child?
  • What will you do if our child is being bad?
  • What certifications do you have?

This will not only help you find the right nanny, but ease your anxiety about him or her.

Check References

Interview performance is not a reliable indicator of on-the-job performance. The reason being… sometimes people are just great at interviews. But a great indicator of performance is a nanny’s references.

Past employers are key when hiring a Tampa nanny. Employers have no reason to lie to you.

Maybe the nanny’s services weren’t needed anymore. Maybe the nanny made a mistake and was fired. In some cases, the nanny thinks they left on great circumstances, but instead the employer chose to let her go nicely. 

Call your Tampa Nanny’s past employer. Get their initial impression of the nanny and then their final impression. What did they like about the nanny? What did they not like? Also consider asking questions about dependability, how much their children liked the nanny, and anything that may seem important.

Learn how to check nanny references.


Finding a great nanny can be challenging, but the process is rewarding when you find the perfect fit. As well, this is an important decision. Your Tampa nanny will be spending a lot of time with your child.

At Tampa Bay Nannies, we check for past records, credibility, and references when hiring a nanny. We take away all the hassle and make sure you have a great nanny for your purposes.

Do you want to find a qualified nanny that your children love? We can help you find you a great Tampa nanny who is qualified and highly-recommended. Just call us now at 813-264-5006.

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