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14th Sep 2016

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When hiring a Tampa Bay nanny, there should be no reason to consider tax compliance, qualifications, and safety regulations. Unfortunately, you have to… unless you are working with a reputable agency like Tampa Bay Nannies. But just incase you have/or will hire an independent Tampa Bay nanny, here are the major problem points you will need to consider…

 The Government’s Requirements

87% of people who hire domestic workers are hiring illegally and not complying to “Nanny Tax Compliance”. To most people, it can seem harmless when you hand over your payment, but if the payment is handled illegally, there can be serious repercussions. These repercussions could accumulate to $25,000 in fees if handled poorly. According to care.com, you can possibly suffer, “tax evasion charges; back taxes with penalties and interest; liability for the employee and employer portions of FICA”.

Instead, make sure you are hiring a nanny who is willing to comply by tax law. As well, if you find yourself in a situation requiring you to file nanny taxes yourself, this software can help you calculate your nanny-employer taxes

Employee Competency and Qualifications

It can be challenging to find a highly qualified nanny with child development experience. When working with a trusted agency, you can find a Tampa Bay nanny who is trusted and qualified. But still, you can never be sure… which leads to our next point. 

Try a Tampa Bay Nanny Through a Trial 

Even if you love your new nanny, you cannot be sure that it will workout in the long-term. Always try a Tampa Bay nanny on a trial basis because you never know what might happen. Sometimes it can be simple scheduling issues. Maybe your child will have a better experience with someone else. A trial will help you avoid further problems in the future.

Criminal and Driving Records

Sometimes a Nanny could have an extensive criminal record and the family has no idea. Also alarming, a Nanny’s driving record is important if they are going to transport your child in a vehicle. There are many methods you can use make sure your Nanny is trustworthy. For example, we run criminal background checks on ALL our employees, but just incase you need to run one as well, this site shows you how to run an online background check.

We don’t guarantee that this will prevent any criminal problems in the future. It is just a safety precaution that all families should use.

Employment Eligibility

In areas with large populations of immigrants, the employer must check if the employee can legally work in the United States. This can be a problem because nanny work is highly attractive to illegal immigrants.

Disciplinary Style

Some Nanny’s are not trained to properly discipline children. On one end, the Nanny is careless and lets your child run rampant. When you come home, you become the bad guy. On the other, a Nanny can be too harsh. Discussing this with your nanny first can solve this problem before it ever happens. 


Private childcare providers like Tampa Bay Nannies will take care of all these problems FOR you. Instead of worrying and wondering what you need to do, we provide exceptional one-on-one care and highly qualified professionals to take care of your child. You can avoid tax issues, safety concerns, and time-wasting activities by using a trusted provider like us.

If you need a certified and trained nanny to take care of your children, call us at (813) 264-5006.

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