Clearwater Fla Nanny Tips: Child-Friendly Landmarks for Nannies to Visit

14th May 2013

 When it comes to finding a Clearwater FL nanny, it’s important to find one that’s going to do fun things with the kids. Since there are so many things to do, a Clearwater nanny should have lots of tricks up their sleeves. The majority of caretakers will take the time to show kids all of the neat things to see and do, making sure they have fun. Not all nannies in Clearwater, FL will go through this trouble, however, so it’s important to take the time to find the ones that will.


One of the best places for Clearwater Fla nannies to take kids is down to the beach. Not only is there fun in the sun, but if it’s down around Pier 60, there are many other activities as well. There’s a huge playground with a lot of slides and swings for kids to partake in. For a minimal charge, there’s also a huge inflatable water slide, which is very popular in the summer time.


Other landmarks for to take the kids to include the Clearwater Marine Aquarium where Winter the dolphin lives as well as a ton of miniature golf courses, including Congo River.


When the weather is not that great outdoors, nannies in Clearwater FL can also take kids to a variety of things inside. This includes the Cinema Café which provides lunch or dinner while watching a movie as well as an indoor Grand Prix track for those who enjoy speed racing in Grand Prix-style cars.



Nannies do not need to be that resourceful in Clearwater simply because there are so many things to do. A nanny simply needs to take the time to ask some questions about the children to see what they want to do – as well as what kind of budget they have to work with when it comes to keeping all of the young ones entertained.


Finding a Clearwater nanny is easy. Finding nannies that know how to keep kids entertained is a little tougher. All nannies should have a list of places they like to take kids in order to be able to tell parents about the plan for the day, the evening or even the whole weekend. When it comes time to booking a Clearwater FL nanny, there should be no doubt that kids will love spending time with the nanny, regardless of how long it may be for.

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