FL Nannies | Tips for Selecting a Palm Harbor Nanny

28th May 2013

Selecting a nanny in Palm Harbor is never easy because you are trusting someone else to care for your kids. Before you choose the first applicant in Florida you come across, you want to schedule a face to face interview to see if you get a good vibe about the person. You will also want to ask some questions to find out how the Palm Harbor nannies respond and how their plans to keep your child or children entertained outside of your presence.
Palm Harbor FL Primate Sanctuary
You need to find out if they are first aid and CPA certified. In the event your child gets hurt in any way while away from you, you need to be confident in the nanny’s ability to care for your child in a medical fashion. Ask to see the certification.

Find out what the different nannies plan on doing with your children. There are lots of things to do in the Palm Harbor area. This includes visiting the many miniature golf courses, going kayaking and even taking a trip to the Primate Sanctuary.

It’s important to choose a person that knows what fun things there are to do for boys and girls as well as for different age groups. If you choose a nanny in Palm Harbor, FL that primarily works with toddlers and you have school-age children, your children may get bored and become whiny when it’s time to spend time with the child care giver. You can prevent this by conducting a strong interview with them to begin with.

With so many things to do in that city, there’s no reason to choose a boring or lethargic nanny. They should be prepared to get kids out of the house periodically, even if it’s to go to Hopper’s Fun House or a walk in the park.
Palm Harbor Florida Hoppers Fun
When you interview a nannies in Florida, ask for resumes. More importantly, talk to their references and current clients. Any child care person that you are interviewing to spend time with your kids should be more than willing to hand over any kind of information you want – after all, they are the ones caring for your kids when you’re not. Once you ask all your questions and meet with a few different applicants, you will be ready to hire a great nanny in Palm Harbor.

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