Selecting Best Land O Lakes Nanny Service for Your Family

15th Jan 2014


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When it comes to picking a Land O’Lakes nanny service, you have to carefully scrutinize what they have to offer. Every agency is a little different in terms of what they do with the kids. You want to make sure your kids are going to have fun and this means taking the time to call a few of these au pairs to see how they plan to provide child safe entertainment.

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There are lots of things to do in Land O’Lakes, FL despite what any travel guides may tell you. The important thing to remember is that the area may seem out of the way, but it’s only 30 minutes away from Tampa – and even closer to areas like New Tampa and Wesley Chapel. This means there’s plenty of activities for your nannies to pull from.


Ask each nanny candidate what they plan to do with kids. There should be mention of such parks as Lake Rogers Park and Lettuce Lake Park. There are playgrounds, nature paths, and various other things at the park that can keep kids entertained for the entire day.

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There are also movie theaters, museums, beaches, and much more all within an hour’s drive of this city. When you call each service being evaluated, be prepared to find out how far they are willing to drive in order to make sure your kids have fun. Some are only willing to go down the road while others don’t mind taking your kids for a day trip into Clearwater or Orlando.


The distance that an au pair is willing to drive is one of the main criteria. Even the parks in this region of Florida tend to be about 10 miles away, so if they aren’t willing to put the kids in the car to take them somewhere, you may have a problem.


Every service is a little different. Some don’t mind spending some money with the kids as long as you reimburse them while others don’t believe that children should be taken out on a regular basis. Take the time to ask these critical questions before you hire one for your kids. There is a Land O’ Lakes nanny just right for you and your kids, you just have to find the compatible and qualified one based upon the criteria you develop.

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